• MEarth Sci(Hons) Geology (Manchester) - 2003

Research project

LA-ICP-MS, EPMA and XRF analysis applications to provenancing archaeological artifacts

Working with:

Research interests

My research can be split into several smaller projects with the common theme of provenancing archaeological artefacts with geochemcial and statistical analysis.

Carnelian beads from India and Mali have been analysed using LA-ICP-MS in order to determine if trace elements incorporated into the crystal structure can be used to provenance the samples and ultimately re-construct trade routes.

Trace elements in modern glass wine bottles have been analysed with WD-XRF, and subsequently Principal Component Analysis has been applied to the data to distinguish between countries of manufacture. This was carried out to test the application of XRF to the analysis of glass and in turn has been applied to Islamic age (8th-14th Century) glass from Bahrain.


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